Friday, October 30, 2015

Tutoring Tips: Handling Parents (part 1 of 2)

If you are tutoring, then definitely you would’ve experienced high-pressure parents.  There would be times when parents tend to be more difficult to handle than children.  Tutors would tend to be stressed out, not from the tutees, but the parents of the students that they handle. 

As a tutor, you would have to realize that giving tutees their lessons and helping them catch up with regular classes, are not their only responsibility. It is also the responsibility of tutors to help children come up with study habits and skills that would help them ease out the pressures of having high academic standing. 

Children, mostly, would feel the pressures from their parents.  As tutors, you could also help the tutees manage stress and deal with the pressure. You are not just providing supplemental education.  Because you are dealing with children, it is necessary to provide support especially if there are tell-tale signs that children are struggling with stress and pressure.

As a tutor, you could also do some ways of handling stress of your own.  High-pressure and overbearing parents could be a really stressing sometimes.  There are ways which you can handle parents of your tutees. 

• Set expectations and goals in the beginning.

When setting expectations, make sure that it is something that both child and parents participate and agree on.  Parents want to see their children excelling or performing well and above average.  That is why they hire tutors, you will be providing supplemental information therefore increase the depth of the child’s knowledge. 

But you would have to manage these expectations.  You need to help parents set realistic goals. Coming up with realistic goals will actually eliminate any future conflicts.  When setting goals, you would need to base it on the status of the child and how fast he can improve or progress. 

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