Friday, October 16, 2015

Free Embroidery Designs (part 2 of 2)

• Thanksgiving- Designs made for the occasion of thanksgiving.

• Valentine’s Day- For those in love and are committed. Used during the occasion.

• Spring- For the occasion, there are lots of spring-themed designs available.

• Easter- For this, you can find Easter bunnies, Easter eggs and other designs which symbolizes this occasion.

• Animals- These are made for the animal lovers and those that are directly involved with animals, either professionally or emotionally.

• Team- These designs are usually made for those that are part of teams and their fans as well.

• Floral- Many home accessories are usually embroidered with flowers for fresher looks and appearances.

• Music- These designs are usually elaborated but are made to provide music buffs and artists with the right clothing designs and patterns for their clothing and accessories.

• Back to School- Design made especially as greetings for those who are going back to school. You can also create a personalized design for your kids who are going back to school

• Hawaiian- These are nice and loud embroideries that are basically used on clothing in Hawaii. These are also good for those that love Hawaii.

• Occupation- These are designs basically for the purpose of adding grandeur in clothing of working people.

• Airplanes- These are valuable gift options for people who work for the aviation industry and for the accessories in the aircraft as well. These designs are also made for those that love aircrafts.

• Mascots- These are good for children clothing and accessories. These types are also good for occupational costumes like for the clown himself or his accessories.

• Fire/Police- For the servicemen

For these free embroidery designs and patterns, you can check out reputed websites and acquire your choice. But, when it comes to free embroidery designs, you have to keep in mind that there are varieties of options available for you, you just have to be very resourceful.

You can even find free designs from your old books and magazines. You can even create your own designs which you can personalize using photo editing software like PhotoShop.

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