Friday, October 30, 2015

Tutoring Tips: Handling Parents (part 2 of 2)

When meeting with the parents for the first time, show them how you will be handling their child’s lessons.  Inform them about your method and style of teaching.  This would also avoid any misunderstanding about your methods in the long run. 

To check on the development of the child and if the goals are being met, you can schedule regular meetings with the parents.  During these meetings, parents should be informed about the status of their children, any difficulties or challenges the child is having, and any changes about how or when the goals will be accomplished.

• Communicate plans to the parents.

Some tutors would actually maintain a healthy working relationship with the tutees teacher.  This would make tutoring sessions in sync with the regular classes. This would also allow children to have same educational goals inside and outside school.  Then it is important to communicate regularly with the teachers, there are many forms of communications anyway, like email, phone calls or personal visits.

Hearing these plans is very important for parents.  This would actually signify how serious you are in helping their children improve academically.  This would also make them trust you more and provide better references in the future.

• Overall healthy communication is important.

Communication does not only involve goal-setting and updating, once a while.  You do not just convey and teach lessons.  There are studies that showed that children that receive attention, support and guidance are less likely to develop stress.  You, as a tutor, would need to talk to your tutees about their feelings and help them in dealing with it, if possible.

It would also be great to inform parents about the stress that you are detecting from their kids.  Parents, because of busy work schedule and responsibilities, tend to oversee their children’s stress.  This is why it is necessary to inform them about any stress or problems that they may have.

In tutoring, it is unavoidable that you would be dealing with different kinds of parents.  There are parents that are easily satisfied, while there are others that would be extremely demanding.  Everything just comes down to a single effective method, that is open communication.

Tutoring Tips: Handling Parents (part 1 of 2)

If you are tutoring, then definitely you would’ve experienced high-pressure parents.  There would be times when parents tend to be more difficult to handle than children.  Tutors would tend to be stressed out, not from the tutees, but the parents of the students that they handle. 

As a tutor, you would have to realize that giving tutees their lessons and helping them catch up with regular classes, are not their only responsibility. It is also the responsibility of tutors to help children come up with study habits and skills that would help them ease out the pressures of having high academic standing. 

Children, mostly, would feel the pressures from their parents.  As tutors, you could also help the tutees manage stress and deal with the pressure. You are not just providing supplemental education.  Because you are dealing with children, it is necessary to provide support especially if there are tell-tale signs that children are struggling with stress and pressure.

As a tutor, you could also do some ways of handling stress of your own.  High-pressure and overbearing parents could be a really stressing sometimes.  There are ways which you can handle parents of your tutees. 

• Set expectations and goals in the beginning.

When setting expectations, make sure that it is something that both child and parents participate and agree on.  Parents want to see their children excelling or performing well and above average.  That is why they hire tutors, you will be providing supplemental information therefore increase the depth of the child’s knowledge. 

But you would have to manage these expectations.  You need to help parents set realistic goals. Coming up with realistic goals will actually eliminate any future conflicts.  When setting goals, you would need to base it on the status of the child and how fast he can improve or progress. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Tennis Apparel is Not the Only the Consideration When Playing Tennis (part 2 of 2)

• Affordable monthly fee or membership fee is also another major consideration when playing tennis. Make sure that you enroll in those that offer fees that would suit your budget. Don’t opt for centers that are charge high prices because you can never be sure if they offer the services and facilities that would suit your needs. It is always best to choose a center that offer lower charges for trials, if you are not satisfied with it, you ca always look for another one.

• Schedule-friendly should also help the beginner to continue practicing.  If you have decided to do play in a sports center, choose for those that offer services that can suit your schedule. This will ensure that you can work out because the place is open for you. TIP: If you have an erratic schedule, try looking for a center that is open for 24-hours so you can drop by and practice whenever you are free.

• Facilities and equipment are also important because these will determine how can you achieve your goal upon enrolment. Make sure that you choose a center that will meet you requirements when it comes to facilities in order for you to enjoy your stay inside the center. Before finally signing up for the center, it is a must that you visit the condition of the facilities and equipment so you'll have an idea if these worth the fee that you have paid for.

• Professional trainers and friendly staff is also another important consideration in looking for a sports center aside from paying too much attention which are the sets of tennis apparel one would be wearing. This is important because they can give you a program that you need, can monitor your development and can give you suggestions on how to improve your weak areas when it comes to playing tennis.

Tennis Apparel is Not the Only the Consideration When Playing Tennis (part 1 of 2)

Aside from tennis apparel—the hats, the shoes, and the pieces of clothing such as the shirts, shorts, and skirts—the sports center is another major consideration when one decides to play tennis. This is because the sports center serves as the venue where the beginners in this game practice almost every day and this is the place where actual tennis games are being held.

If you are one of those who are serious in playing tennis not only because of the desire to wear tennis apparel but also to really want to benefit from the sport, it is necessary to find a goof sports center where you can play this rigorous sports. Since you will be staying inside the sports center while playing tennis, it is must that you feel comfortable with its facilities as well as with its staff.

It must also provide you the convenience you need to be encouraged in practicing the sport every single day if your schedule would allow it. Aside from the mentioned criteria, the following are some of the major considerations you have to pay attention to in looking for a sports center where you could play tennis:

• The location is the major consideration when choosing for a sports center where you will play tennis. This is very important because it can provide you the convenience every time you feel like playing or practicing. The location of the center is quite important because it fuels the drive of the person in going to the center. The ideal location of a sports center for tennis is near the home or in the workplace. When the sports center is nearby, many people can be encouraged to drop by thinking they will not have to worry about going home or to the office late because the center is just within the area.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

What is Asset Management (part 2 of 2)

If there are inefficiencies in the company, this can be addressed by managing it so things can change. The team needs to first study the various departments and the individuals before it is able to come up with an action plan. It is possible that some of the positions are redundant while some need more manpower. The team may recommend reducing personnel in one department to fill the need of another or totally scrap it.

Aside from improving their skills, they can also provide other things such as comfort level and security as this motivates people to work harder once a policy has been made to maximize the output of each employee.

Apart from checking on the assets, the team may also offer opportunities to the client so that their money will grow. For instance, he or she may recommend investing in certain things such as the stock market, oil, gold, bonds and other things of value.

There are many asset management companies out there who have the expertise to help you become more efficient. If you are interested in getting their services, you should do some research to find out if they do have what it takes to achieve your goal.

So what is asset management? It is a process that involves looking at the various things that the company has as well as the people who work there. If the client is able to listen to the inputs of the asset management team and follows everything, there is a good chance that the company will continue to grow which simply translates to profit.

What is Asset Management (part 1 of 2)

What is asset management? It is the investment management of collective investments often offered as a service by portfolio or wealth managers within the context of “private banking” to private investors. Its aim is to provide maximum returns at minimum investment or cost to the client.

The first priority of any asset management team is to identify the company’s assets or resources. The definition of asset can be anything owned by the client in terms of cash, property, goods, savings and investments.

Should this be in a commercial set up, assets will comprise of monetary investments, plants, infrastructure and its human resources. When this has been identified, the team will then check which one is profitable and what isn’t.

If an asset is doing well, then they will leave it be. Just like the line that goes “ if there is nothing wrong with it, why fix it?” However, if a certain asset is not profitable, the asset management team may present options to the client. Should this asset be sold or can this be made into something money generating.

An example could be after evaluating the machines used in the factory, the team will give their assessment if this should be repaired or if this should be replaced. In some cases, buying something new will save the company more money in the long term because you don’t have to worry about looking for spare parts that could already be hard to find.

But these are just tangible resources. Every client also has non-tangible resources that are namely the human resources of the company. People are considered to be non-tangible because the company does not own them but merely employs them.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Free Embroidery Designs (part 2 of 2)

• Thanksgiving- Designs made for the occasion of thanksgiving.

• Valentine’s Day- For those in love and are committed. Used during the occasion.

• Spring- For the occasion, there are lots of spring-themed designs available.

• Easter- For this, you can find Easter bunnies, Easter eggs and other designs which symbolizes this occasion.

• Animals- These are made for the animal lovers and those that are directly involved with animals, either professionally or emotionally.

• Team- These designs are usually made for those that are part of teams and their fans as well.

• Floral- Many home accessories are usually embroidered with flowers for fresher looks and appearances.

• Music- These designs are usually elaborated but are made to provide music buffs and artists with the right clothing designs and patterns for their clothing and accessories.

• Back to School- Design made especially as greetings for those who are going back to school. You can also create a personalized design for your kids who are going back to school

• Hawaiian- These are nice and loud embroideries that are basically used on clothing in Hawaii. These are also good for those that love Hawaii.

• Occupation- These are designs basically for the purpose of adding grandeur in clothing of working people.

• Airplanes- These are valuable gift options for people who work for the aviation industry and for the accessories in the aircraft as well. These designs are also made for those that love aircrafts.

• Mascots- These are good for children clothing and accessories. These types are also good for occupational costumes like for the clown himself or his accessories.

• Fire/Police- For the servicemen

For these free embroidery designs and patterns, you can check out reputed websites and acquire your choice. But, when it comes to free embroidery designs, you have to keep in mind that there are varieties of options available for you, you just have to be very resourceful.

You can even find free designs from your old books and magazines. You can even create your own designs which you can personalize using photo editing software like PhotoShop.